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Cyclades is the most picturesque islandic group of Greece, situated in the middle of the Aegean and looks as the southeast continuation of Euboea and Attica.

It is comprised of about 2200 islands, islets and rocks, only 33 of them inhabited. They belong to one prefecture that has as its capital Ermoupoli in Syros.


All of them shape a notional circle around Delos, the island that, according to mythology, emerged from the waves to become Apollo's homeland. The islands of the Cyclades, all together, look like music variations on the same theme, creating a feeling of harmony, calm, relaxation. Lines, colors, sounds, rhythms, everything is soft.
kyklades They are called "white islands " , because of their villages, built in the famous Cycladic traditional architecture, that look milk-white on the often bare land, in a striking and superb antithesis with the deep blue color of the sea. With their dry and cool summer climate, their endless sunshine and the astounding beaches, their small churches, their monasteries, their antiquities, their windmills, they guarantee unforgettable holidays.